What Makes Me Smile

Just trying to enjoy the life...

-Huge Chelsea FC supporter (i also like BVB,too. )
-Sport lover
- Addicted to Cinema
- Cant live without Music
- Die Mannschaft

You can also see in this blog :
- Branislav Ivanovic
- All Chelsea FC players
- Some BVB players
- Mario Gomez
- Kimi Raikkonen
- Benedict Cumberbatch
- Patrick Wilson
- Olympic Games (mostly Summer Olympics)
- Lots of Football
- Scenes from Films and TV Series
- Some Personal Stuff ...

i want to learn something but school is not good for it. they push me to learn what i don’t want to learn. i want to learn biology then they say that if i want to learn biology, i should learn physics too. Sorry but it is ridiculous…